July 2, 2012

Act 2 Inferno

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I’m progressing in Act 2 Inferno with my DH… and it’s fabulous. I am using this build and it’s working out remarkably well. I use a ton of mobility- vault when that will work in combat and smoke screen for jails or whatever. In fact, running out of discipline is becoming a problem. I also use Vault to cruise faster than anyone I have played with. With the Tumble rune and Tactical Advantage I can put on extended bursts of speed, including outrunning mobs I don’t want to mess with(mortar-molten-vampiric-fast, I’m looking at you).

I plan to try out a fast 1-hander and a shield to improve my survivability- I cake-walk in act 1 but I am still squishy for act 2. I may mix other things up at that point- specifically I may replace my Spike Trap rune with Bandolier and my primary to Entangling Shot with Justice is Served. I’m curious to see how spamming traps with massive attack speed + hatred generation will work. I like Long Fuse but the 2 seconds is a killer for a lot of mobs, plus the fact that I use them a lot in situations where 1.5s is barely fast enough(burrowing creatures, invis creatures, kiting etc). If I like it I’ll find something else to replace Caltrops , some nice rage eater with big damage or maybe a pet… I feel like there are a lot of options to play with.

June 23, 2012

Demon Hunter

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I’ve been playing my DH a lot- she just hit 50 last night. I think this is going to be my new main.

55 now(middle of Act II Hell) and adjusting my playstyle to hit the ground running in Inferno. Here‘s the new build, and this is what I will use at 59-60.

Mobility is key in this build- note the synergy between Vault with the Tumble rune, Smoke Screen   and Tactical Advantage – i can literally be hauling ass 80% the time. This is super handy when backtracking from a petered out dungeon branch. This plus some gold pickup radius makes this game feel MUCH faster.  I’ve now played everything but my monk to a level > 44, and can categorically say that demon hunters will be the winners of the First Annual Sanctuary Marathon. Elemental Arrow with Ball Lighting is super handy mass damage, and works well single target as well. Any mob with Missile Dampening is *completely* screwed. The ball is dampened but the shocks are not- meaning their dome of safety becomes a big ol’ bowl of lightning. When the mobs allow, the Spike Trap s are brutal too.

June 12, 2012

A current snap of my Witch Doctor in Diablo 3

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