July 2, 2012

Act 2 Inferno

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I’m progressing in Act 2 Inferno with my DH… and it’s fabulous. I am using this build and it’s working out remarkably well. I use a ton of mobility- vault when that will work in combat and smoke screen for jails or whatever. In fact, running out of discipline is becoming a problem. I also use Vault to cruise faster than anyone I have played with. With the Tumble rune and Tactical Advantage I can put on extended bursts of speed, including outrunning mobs I don’t want to mess with(mortar-molten-vampiric-fast, I’m looking at you).

I plan to try out a fast 1-hander and a shield to improve my survivability- I cake-walk in act 1 but I am still squishy for act 2. I may mix other things up at that point- specifically I may replace my Spike Trap rune with Bandolier and my primary to Entangling Shot with Justice is Served. I’m curious to see how spamming traps with massive attack speed + hatred generation will work. I like Long Fuse but the 2 seconds is a killer for a lot of mobs, plus the fact that I use them a lot in situations where 1.5s is barely fast enough(burrowing creatures, invis creatures, kiting etc). If I like it I’ll find something else to replace Caltrops , some nice rage eater with big damage or maybe a pet… I feel like there are a lot of options to play with.

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